Twiztid The Darkness Tour Recap


What’s up, my Ninjas!! CameraNinja bringing you a new video from Twiztid. This one is a recap of the recent Darkness Tour. The tour featured not only the “Demented Duo” but some other pretty dope artists. Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Kung Fu Vampire, Boondox, The Damn Dirty Apes, Davey Suicide and Kissing Candice. The tour started in Illinois on May 1st and went until they hit Ohio on June 10th. I was lucky enough to see the Dallas stop on May 25th. Talk about a siiiiiick ass show!!! Of course Twiztid always tears it up but the supporting acts were spotlight worthy as well. Each artist had such a fantastic energy that drew you in to their set. Can’t wait for the next tour! Here’s the video!!


I love these guys!!!!