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Before we get started on Twiztid Tour Diary entry number 2, you can click HERE to read entry number 1.  Twiztid will be adding entries exclusively for discussing their tour in support of The Darkness.  In this entry Jamie is writing from San Bernardino, California at the Blaze N’ Glory festival on May 16th.

It’s not often that we get asked to attend or perform at festivals, but when we do get the opportunity to do so, we always like to leave our mark and/or lasting impression on the crowd. That said we hit the Blaze N’ Glory festival grounds in peaceful, scenic San Bernardino, C.A. nice and early on Saturday morning, May 16, 2015.

Our bus driver, Jesse, seems to travel at Star Trek light speeds and we even joke from time to time that he has hidden wormholes that he drives through in order to get us everywhere with the quickness. It seems like we just left Las Vegas not even a half an hour or so ago… and we are already parked and I can hear the stage techs sound checking from outside of the bus. We are here Blaze N’ Glory! Inside of the bus, the front lounge is filled with Frisbees, Nerf footballs, and inflatable characters and our crew is rigorously taping 20s, 50s and 100 dollar bills to all of them as well as CDs, T-shirts, and our own signature brand of Twiztid rolling papers, “Wicked Wraps”… remember that lasting impression we spoke about in the introduction to this entry? Well, we’ll come back to that in a few… now it’s time for us to do a meet & greet at the COLDCOCK Whiskey booth.

For those of you who may not know, Rick Zeiler, who owns COLDCOCK Whiskey, has been following us through most of our musical career and he and his entire crew are all down with the FAM so it was basically a no-brainier for us to link up! Not to mention that I’m a super big whiskey fan too, so it’s a good venture for both of us. Shortly after the meet and greet we made our way to the press tent to film some interviews and meet some more really chill and interesting people, like the guy from DaVinci Vape products that presented my brother Monoxide with a customized Twiztid DaVinci portable vaporizer, with which you can smoke both oil and flower out of. So that makes it killer and the Porsche of vape products to say the least!

So many people, pictures, and conversations later we found ourselves back at the bus to overlook all of the money-encrusted projectiles soon to be hurtled from the stage. Everything was perfect and it was almost time to go live! The cool thing about this festival was that there were two stages side by side more or less, and as one band was finished, the other band would begin their performance making it a non-stop show… super cool! So while we piled up all of our buckets of money balls, and CD Frisbees, etc. backstage we were quickly handed our cordless mics and began the wait as the legendary Body Count feat. Ice-T belted out hit after hit on the opposite stage. Finally, the last lick of the guitar, and the sound tech on our stage shouts “Twiztid… you’re live!,” and it began. We rocked the crowd with power and intensity taking small breaks to converse and break the people in attendance off with some of our buckets of goodness and have a laugh or two all at the same time. It was such a great experience! We came right from stage and walked down the ramp and cut a quick interview with this super cool guy people were saying was an HBO documentary ninja–so props to him! And super-duper props to all the FAM who were there to represent with us: You guys were amazing for reals. Nothing but luv to you all!

After the set was over and the dust had settled, everyone from security guards to other performers complimented our set, so I guess we actually achieved that “lasting impression” we were in search of after all!

Till next time.
Much Much Family Luv,