First Track off New Twiztid Album Uploaded!

New Twiztid Single ArtworkAs we all know Twiztid is up in Canada killing it night after night, as we all impatiently await the Juggalo Invasion tour’s return to the states! After the release of the name of the new album “The Continuous Evilution of Life’s ?’s” we are already hyped to hear it! However, we did know there was an exclusive track being given in the VIP packs for the Canadian Leg of the tour. Well, guess what? It’s been uploaded to YouTube and ready for us to hear!  It’stThe first hint into the new sound for the new Twiztid album that, if all goes according to plan, will be released at the 17th annual Gathering of the Juggalos this July! The track is called “Psychomainia” and has a very different sound then what we are used to for the demented duo. The song itself is pretty good. I had to listen to it a few times to really get into it. The reason why is the sound is so different. After that initial shock, if you will, I had to listen to it again. To me it sounds like something that could be featured in a Rob Zombie movie. Just my thoughts, but we want to hear yours thoughts! Take a listen and tell us what you think about the track! Don’t forget that Twiztid and the rest of the Majik Ninja Fam are still in Canada and headed back to the US in just under a two weeks! Find out if they are coming to a city near you, or better yet pick up some VIP from!

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