Twiztid’s Evil Facade Hides Caring Hearts


Tonight is the second night of Twiztid’s “Be My Blood Valentine” weekend mini tour. The duo will be bringing down the house in the name of love at the Agora Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio, along with openers Stevie Stone, Boondox, The R.O.C., G-Mo Skee, MBK, and Insane E. In anticipation of the show, The Cleveland website recently got a call from the one and only Monoxide.

The call goes in depth with what makes Twiztid different from other groups out there, as well as how their influence has given people something that will keep their heads up. One quote a majority of us can probably relate to comes straight from Monoxide’s mouth;

“A lot of parents, a lot of immediate loved ones don’t understand the effect we have on that person we’re connected with. It’s crazy to be shunned by so many parents when we’re a lot of the reason your child is still alive”.

There is no doubt that Twiztid have always cared for their juggalo family, and nothing could break the bond they have formed with us. To read the rest of the phone call between The Cleveland and Monoxide, you can check out the story on their official website.

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