Twiztid’s Monoxide Talks Mutant Remixed And Remastered


Since the release of Mutant Remixed and Remastered last week, juggalos have been bumping that new new and the majority are loving it. Although, as with anything done over again, questions may surface about how the artists feel about their revamped creation. In a conversation with AXS website, Monoxide revealed not only how he perceives the new album, but also a few other details ninjas may not have known. For example, he’s somewhat like a chef protégé! Check it out…

AXS: There’s been lots of food talk on the Twiztid Facebook page lately. What kind of food and drink do you have in your rider now, and what are some of the most memorable joints you’ve eaten in while on tour?

M: We are immense foodies! Our rider is full of groceries because I cook a lot on tour. I fancy myself a bit of a rolling chef, lol!…

Now I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’d like to see what creations Monoxide can cook up! Check out the entire interview on the official AXS website and get to know one half of the Demented Duo a little better!

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