Ultimate Ghost Hunting App: Night Terrors

night terrors

Hello True Juggalo Family!

Your home alone. The lights are off. The room is silent. But are you truly alone? With the new alternate virtual reality game app called Night Terrors, you can see the ghosts as they haunt you inside your own house. Novum Analytics is bringing the beast out in every game. This game was originally funded by donations on Indiegogo and even has viewers of the game’s trailer already shaking in fright. This app is about to be the cult horror classic next to a old-school Oujia board. This is no game for little kids or faint of heart!

If you are a hardcore horror fan, you too will panic from the chaos of this game. The biggest mind fuck of this game is that it will call you and send you disturbing text messages to be alerted that YOU are NEXT! Just like we’ve seen in Pokemon Go with the alternate virtual reality gaming, you will walk around your house turning your rooms into a nasty hell portal. This game is to release this Halloween 2016. If you didn’t have nightmares, you will soon fear for your life!

Just try to watch the trailer for this game without shitting your pants!


~ MzHollyw00d

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