Ultimate NFL Roster…Made Of Wrestlers


Okay, before you get started reading this, I should warn you this is stemming from a tongue in cheek fantasy article written by Fansided‘s Cody Williams.  In this list he makes a NFL roster compiled of current and former WWF/WWE Superstars.  When I first came across this article, I expected it to highlight current/former Superstars with actual football experience, and was majorly disappointed.  However, once I got over that, it is kind of amusing, so I will share it with my juggalo family.


Some of the highlights(I call them highlights because these guys actually have football experience ) of the list are:

DE: The Rock

Having The Rock on the defensive line was one of the easiest decisions to make on the entire roster. After all, he played on the defensive line at Miami in college and then in the Canadian Football League as a linebacker. The only difference between that and this roster is that I have him on the end.

The Great One has the stature of a lineman, but not the particular body type that seems fit for playing on the interior of a defensive line. Similarly, he seems a bit too big to be expected to play linebacker and drop into coverage from time to time. Instead, having a guy his size with his quickness rushing off the edge seems like it could be devastating to opposing offenses.

In addition to his football prowess, The Rock is also a natural vocal leader. Every time he speaks on WWE television, crowds in the arena and watching at home are hanging on every word. Imagine the Ray Lewis type speeches he could give his teammates before coming out of the tunnel? Those guys would be willing to join the 300 Spartans by the time Rocky finished.

It was a given that he would be on the roster, but The Rock being slotted on the end is a slight change. However, I see it as an alteration that maximizes his talents and skills. In the end, The Great One will thrive no matter the position.

DT: Vader

Lining up beside Bam Bam is another massive human being known as The Man They Call Vader. Weighing in at 450 pounds, he has even more impressive size than his defensive tackle counterpart, but much like Bigelow he was more than just a big boulder people would bounce off.

Stunning athleticism would be vastly understating what Vader was capable of at his size. Not only could he move well and show off his strength, but he could also bust out moves like a cruiserweight. The number of guys at Vader’s size who could pull off a moonsault is probably countable on one hand. That type of athletic ability would make him a devastating matchup.

It needs to be said that Vader played offensive line in college and was drafted by the Rams in 1978. Looking at him, though, his skills seem much better suited for the other side of the ball. Placing him at tackle allows Vader to simultaneously maximize his athletic ability and size to disrupt plays on the interior.

You can’t overpower him because of how enormously strong he is, but you also can’t look to contain him with quickness because he’s going to be equally as fast, if not faster. With Vader and Bam Bam at defensive tackle, offenses should be quivering in fear.

DE: Brock Lesnar

Before saying anything, I do realize that Brock Lesnar tried to make the Vikings as a defensive tackle and was unable to do so. I get it. However, as previously noted, this list operates under the assumption of football being these guys’ primary focus. If that were the case, Lesnar has the makings of a defensive force, particularly on the end of the line.

Lesnar’s size and power are his two most notable and desirable traits. He’s built like a wall of muscle, and the multitude of muscle isn’t just for show. In WWE and UFC, Lesnar has shown that he can unleash incredible amounts of strength and power and make it look like he’s curling a five-pound weight.

However, the thing that makes him a potentially otherworldly defensive player is the same thing that many people over look when critiquing him as a professional wrestler. The Beast Incarnate has explosiveness and quickness that opponents in the ring and opposing offensive players on the gridiron would struggle to effectively contain.

Think about all of the instances just recently of Lesnar taking people to Suplex City. He’s not plodding around and then mustering up the power to pick his opponents up. He’s wrapping his arms around them and popping out of it like a lit match touched to a powder keg. It’s remarkable to see what he’s capable of, and not hard to see how it could translate to the NFL.

As has been the case in virtually everything he’s ever competed in, Lesnar is a top-level talent in terms of his potential abilities as a football player. With the skills he can offer, he could legitimately be a J.J. Watt type threat to opposing offenses. Particularly with all of the talent demanding focus elsewhere on the defensive line, Lesnar could truly wreak havoc.


Personally I can’t say Brock Lesnar’s name without saying it in my head in the style of Paul Heyman.


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