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Underground Music Videos of 2015 from 17 Artist Juggalos Love

2015 is coming to an end. This year we’ve seen many music videos being uploaded to Youtube from a variety of underground and independent artists. For your musical and visual enjoyment we have rounded up all the underground music videos that have been released this year. This list consist of 17 artist and a shit ton of videos. Enjoy, ninjas!

Insane Clown Posse

ICP only uploaded one music video this year. What a surprise right? They were busy af this year releasing The Missing Link: Lost and Found and the two versions of Phantom. Plus, all the other things they do like the Gathering, tours, and radio shows oh my! So, I give you the one and only ICP music video for this year.




Twiztid did a lot better in the music video department.  They released a total of five music videos this year including a Sickman Video Sequel for the song “A Place in the Woods.” Twiztid really stepped up their game this year let’s hope this is a start of a trend. In order of release we have Twiztid’s 2015 Music Videos.

A Little Fucked Up


No Breaks

A Place in the Woods

F.T.S. (Fuck This Shit)

Blaze Ya Dead Homie

Blaze was too busy recording his album, The Casket Factory, and making music videos with Twiztid not to mention touring with them. But he started and ended this year with a music video. Way back in January Blaze  released a music video for “Ghost Bars” from his Gang Rags: Reborn album. It’s his first album on the Majik Ninja label. The just this month he released a video for his upcoming album The Casket Factory. This video features new arrival Lex the Hex and The R.O.C. It’s just another taste of his upcoming album.

Ghost Bars

They Call That Gangsta


Though Rittz only recorded one music video this year he will be seen on other music videos from 2015. But as for his own music he released just one video. It really is a touching video about domestic violence. If you haven’t seen it yet now is your chance. There is a new album coming next year so maybe we will see more of Rittz in 2016.

Angry Johny

Tech N9ne

Ok, you know Tech has been one busy motherfucker. He’s been grinding hard this year and has put out a good grip of videos. He released 12 music videos total this year. Though he doesn’t rap on a couple of the cyphers from his Strangeulation Vol II album he released this year. You see Rittz in Cypher IV. Remember I told you; you would see him in other videos. You also hear Stevie Stone, CES Cru, Krizz Kaliko, and Prozak on the Techless Cyphers. You get more great collaborations on the other music videos also. The latest video approved by Chong himself, “Blunt and a Ho“, is a parody of Up in Smoke. We see amazing visuals in the music videos promoting Special Effects . That album has a lot more special effects in it’s music videos than the Strangeulation music videos. Is that a coincidence? No don’t know, but I do know you should check out a year of Tech N9ne.

Aw Yeah?

Hood Go Crazy

On the Bible

No K


We Just Want to Party


Cypher I

Cypher II

Burn It Down

Cypher IV

Blunt and a Ho


Stevie Stone

Stevie Stone released five music videos this year.  All five music videos promote the album he released about 6 months ago, Malta Bend. Malta Bend is all about where Stevie comes from, a little unknown country town. This Summer Stevie went on a two month video binge for his new album.  Check out all the freshness you may have missed or forgotten in chronological order, of course.

Run It

Get Fucked Up

Rain Dance

Fall In Love With It



Strange Music released MURS’ Debut album, Have a Nice Life, back in May of this year. He released six music videos for this album. Being new to Strange Music it’s understandable they want to get his music out there. His videos span a seven month period before and after the release date. Now that the album is out and the tour is over we can still enjoy these music videos.

Okey Dog

No More Control

I Miss Mikey

The Worst

Two Step

Mi Corazon



Mayday only recorded three music videos this year. They released Future Vintage just three months ago so we may be in store for some more Future Vintage music videos in 2016. For now let’s just enjoy what we got in 2015.

Fuel to the Fire

All the Time

Something in the Air



CES Cru released their EP Recession Proof a mere two months ago. So, it is no surprise they only dropped two music videos. Another Strange Music artist we will see more from in the coming year. There is news that a remix of “Famished” with the original  five man CES Cru is coming our way next year. Who knows what else might be in store. Will they decide to stay together for a whole album? It seems the music video may have enticed the reunion since it was hinted towards less than a month after the video came out. All we know is we got two great music videos from them this year along with the news of more to come next year.





Prozak also dropped his newest album a mere two months ago and has only two music videos so far. Black Ink is a creepy album only the Hitchcock of Hip Hop can provide. The videos are creepier still. We are keeping our eyes peeled for more hard core horror from Prozak in 2016.

Your Creation



Kutt Calhoun

After leaving Strange Music last year Kutt Calhoun started his own label, Black Gold Entertainment. Now, this year he has released his first EP under the new label called Kuttin’ Loose. He only released two music video for the EP. The first one, Handz Up, covers a very controversial subject affecting the black community. The second is a reference to Kutt divorcing Strange Music. His latest work looks to be a great start after leaving Strange. Let’s see where he goes this next year now the break up has been laid out for all to see.

Handz Up

On My Own (I Got You)



Hopsin schooled his music under the Funk Volume label. He has a strong will and very anti-mainstream attitude. It can’t be bottled up and sold like most run of the mill artist. He released his latest album, Pound Syndrome, this year and recorded five music videos for it’s promotion. Hopsin is intense and ever adamant to tell the world what’s up with it’s corrupt Music Industry. No one knows what he has planned for next year but this year he hustled like a true scrubbalo.

Crown Me


The Pound

Fort Collins

No Words



Potluck release their album #StonerPromblems this year and produced only two music videos for it. The most impressive being UnderRated’s “4 Minute Fire Drill” that was a one take nonstop rap laid over five beats. Being independent music makers and producers potluck really knows the struggle and the hustle. Hopefully we see more of them this coming year.

4 Minute Fire Drill

Smokin’ Good


Kottonmouth Kings

These stoners are still hustling too. The album they released this year, Krown Power, sounds different from their previous albums. But this is a group that has changed quite a bit over the years anyway. Their new full length album has a shit ton of collaborations and the deluxe edition has a whopping 37 tracks. They also produced seven music videos for this Billboard Rap Album Chart maker. KMK ain’t never going to stop. Let’s review all the freshness they made this year.

Ganja Glow

Our City

Pump Up Da Bass

Sink or Swim

Audio War


Walk the Line


Jelly Roll

This year Jelly Roll released his Therapeutic Music 5: Running from Reality mixtape which is available for free download. You can also listen to the whole mixtape on Youtube. He only made one music video for TM5 but he has given us two music videos this year. For his “Hangover and Hot Chicken” project he recorded the music video “Sunday Morning” with Uncle Kracker. Jelly Roll keeps his independent grind going to give us the music therapy we all need.

Sunday Morning

Smoking Section


Kung Fu Vampire

Kung Fu Vampire didn’t release any new albums this year but he released one hell of a creepy music video. The music video promotes his album, Look Alive, to be released Valentine’s Day 2016. This is probably the most horrorcore music video of the year. Producing something this occult and dark can only come from Kung Fu Vampire.

Slice of Life



Claas was busy with his 50 in 50 challenge this year. He ended up producing two videos from his string of 50 tracks.  We are left with over two albums worth of horrorcore music from him this year. That is a hustle if I every seen one. Let’s enjoy his audio visual art for the year. Maybe we’ll see more music videos now that he’s not concentrating on getting a track out on a weekly basis.

I’m Underground



There you go Juggalos a whole year’s worth of underground music videos. Did you miss anything this year? Here at TJF we like to inform you of new music videos and all the little tidbits of news that go along with them. Make sure to sign up the the newsletter to never miss another music video again.

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