Unofficial Gathering News!Gathering

We are about a week away from the best week of the year!  Some folks will already be on the road this time next week.  I will be leaving Tuesday next week!  As we get closer some news bits are coming out from many sources on smaller unofficial gathering events going on at the Gathering.  I’m gonna combine them into one post for ya.


Gathering  The first one I’m gonna talk about are being put on by some people who live close to me here in Indiana.  Windy City Music and Bulletproof And The Fool in conjunction with my homies @LocalClownCrew are putting on a 420 party by the pendulum stage on Friday July 24th.  Bulletproof And The Fool goes on stage at 3pm, and Windy City Music will be going on at 4:45.  While all this freshness is going on at the Pendulum Stage, close by @LocalClownCrew.  If you’ve been to a show in the midwest you might have seen my homies in LCC.  They always bring along what’s known as Juggalo Grill.  They grill some great freaking food.  Faygo Dogs are the shit.  If you’re at the Gathering I do suggest checking this out.  The food is free but BYOK.



GatheringAnother group here to help out the fam in need it the Scrub Care Unit.

SCU Update/Schedule:

YO – just like all year’s past – Hot dogs and burgers on the daily for our family – come by when your hungry/thirsty and we’ll take care of ya…

Also, will be serving daily from noon to 4pm and will ALWAYS have dry goods in the Fuck Yo Hunger bowl (24/7) as well as water/drinks 24/7.

ALSO – new this year – SCU will have “Emergency Watering Sites” around the Gathering campgrounds – the coolers will be tagged “SCU” and will be full of waters for anyone that has need…We will be keeping them stocked and there will be six locations on top of the main SCU camp (located same place as last year/next to the Signature Tent / by the Wrestling Stage Area).

Make sure you send any homies or anyone that needs some assistance over towards the SCU camp and lets all have a great Gathering!!!



SCU Watering Sites

Gathering  Finally the last bit of info I have for ya is the LSP Fan Appreciation BBQ.  There will be free food at this as well.

After the huge success of last years fan appreciation BBQ we here at Lyrikal Snuff Productionz decided that all of you deserve a 2nd helping!! The time and location will be revealed during the 50 Shades of Snuff set!! Make sure you come party with Team Snuff so we can fill you in on where and when you can get your free snacks!! We do have candy n shit so anything is possible……On behalf of everyone at LSP THANK YOU for your continued support!!!

TJF will be 420 Party and the LSP Fan Appreciation