The Uprising of KidCrusher: From Terrible Teens to Fame, Kidcrusher fundraiser

The Uprising of KidCrusher: From Terrible Teens to Fame

A citizen journalist over on Merinews wrote an interesting article about KidCrusher‘s difficult childhood and how this brought about his now infamous career. KidCrusher is an Australian rapper that has garnered much success. He has toured with Tech N9ne, Mushroomhead, Hopsin, ICP, and many more. He gained a real break when his music video “A Dirty Fuckin’ Murder” was used on the hit show “Law & Order.” His story is a real inspiring story for many who have battled a difficult childhood. And like most turned to horrorcore music as their outlet. He just took his love for horrorcore a step farther and started producing the music that helped him become who he is.

“With so much free time on my hands, I fell into creativity and entertainment with movies and music,” he said, recalling when everything slowly began to turn around.

“I was attracted to creating music at a very young age. I was inspired by hardcore hip-hop, as it was so [forbidden] for me to listen to, but that did nothing except power my urge to listen to it even more.”

Read the entire well written biography, From the Shadows to Global Horrorcore Phenomenon: The Birth of KidCrusher.

With all his well deserved fame KidCrusher is hosting a fundraiser in order to tour the US. He has many fans here in the States that haven’t gotten the pleasure to witness his live show. The reason for the need to raise a large sum just to tour the US is the usual legal bs and extremely high travel costs. But, you can read all about that on the Official KidCrusher website. And don’t be starting that oh you should be earning that dough yourself rant. This ain’t no GoFundMe begging. It’s more like a Public Broadcasting reward scheme where you get wicked KidCrusher merchandise, collaborations with the man himself, and much more.

KidCrusher Fundraiser to Tour US

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