Vanilla Ice Details His Life And How He Achieved Happiness

Vanilla Ice InterviewMiami New Times interviewed Vanilla Ice recently and learned more than just how his construction career has given him purpose. Vanilla Ice spills the beans on many aspects of his life. The man, as we all know, still kicks it on stage and pursues many passions keeping a positive outlook on life. He insightfully states,

“I believe that yesterday’s history and tomorrow’s a mystery. You don’t take life too serious, and you don’t take yourself too serious. You can’t go back and change anything negative that’s happened to you, and you can’t go worrying about tomorrow because it hasn’t happened yet. Don’t watch too much CNN, stretch out, and enjoy life. Just keep it simple.”

As Juggalos we know music is magic. The way Vanilla Ice talks of Ice, Ice Baby is the ultimate truth no matter how you feel about the song or even Vanilla Ice himself.

“It’s amazing how you make a song and it becomes a part of pop culture. When the music comes on, it brings back all the memories of where you were at. If you play ‘Ice Ice Baby’ right now, you can probably think about who you were dating in high school or what you were doing, what kind of clothes you were wearing.”

Vanilla Ice is one busy man. He not only has a successful show on the DIY network (The Vanilla Ice Project), but he’s also a three-time motocross racing champion and he finds time to keep performing for his fans. He will be performing in Legends of Hip Hop in Miami this weekend, along with fellow classic ’90s icons 2LiveCrew, Salt N Peppa, Rob Bass, and many more. What Vanilla Ice comments about this event is hilarious,

“To get up on stage with all these legends is just amazeballs. It’s going to be an epic night to remember… We’re going to bring it back to the old school.”

I can’t even capture all the freshness this man pours from his mouth. You will just have to watch the interview.