violent j calls on juggalos

Violent J Calls on Juggalos to Give to a Family in Need

Violent J got his wig blew back by his daughter Ruby’s selfless actions this morning over breakfast. Now, he asks Juggalos to do the same. We are a caring bunch after all. He shared his heartwarming story on Read his touching story below and maybe help a give a terminally ill man his last wish to just care for his family.

Caring is Fresh, Bitch!

This morning, (March 9th, 2016) I had breakfast with Sweet Sugar Slam and our two kids JJ and Ruby. I had buffalo chicken strips and hash browns with cheese, whut! When I went to the counter to pay I saw there was a empty gallon of milk full of change with a little sign taped to it that said “Last Wish”. I read the note and it told of a 50 year old man named Tom who was feeling ill for a couple days and his wife finally talked him into going to the doctor. They ran tests and found that he unfortunately had cancer wrapped around both of his lungs, all up his neck and around his brain.

The note said he had weeks to live, maybe a month, but that’s it. So this stale little milk carton full of change was there to collect donations for Tom’s last wish, which is to simply not be a financial burden to his family when he passes. In other words, fuckin’ medical bills & funerals cost mad money and Tom just found out he’s about to fuckin’ die, so his last wish is for people to help his family pay for his funeral.

I dont know about you, but two things immediately came to my mind when I read that. Number 1: This whole situation is shitty, sad, and stale. I couldn’t imagine the pain this must be causing Tom and his family. Number 2: What a great ninja this Tom guy must be. Upon finding out he’s about to die, his main concern is for his family when he’s gone. He doesn’t want his death to put them any further into debt than they already are.

I dropped four $20 bills in the milk carton and gave JJ a $10 spot to drop in. Sugar Slam dropped in a couple of $20s as well, but for me the freshest and sweetest move this morning came from my daughter Ruby, who is only 9. At breakfast she had been all exited and asking us what she could afford to buy with the $10 she had just gotten from the Tooth Fairy. She had been carrying this $10 spot around in her bag for the last three days trying to figure out what she wanted to buy with it. Then all on her own, she took out her $10 spot and dropped it into the milk carton for Tom.

That’s when it hit me — we can help!

If just one out of every 100 ninjas reading this sends Tom $5 or $10 though the set up by his cousin Michael Griffin on Facebook, Tom could get seriously paid. Juggalos, come on, man, let’s do this for good karma. Positivity time, ninjas, I know you got $5 fuckin’ bucks you can spare that will seriously help somebody you dont even know. Good karma always comes back around. We are Juggalos. We do random shit like this just because we’re fresh like that. If you can help this guy out in any way, please do. Just put yourself in his or his wife’s shoes and imagine the staleness they are going through right now. The absolute least we can do is help with a crispy $5 or an even juicer $10 spot.

Whatever you can spare, let’s do this. Let’s give a fuck y’all. Its awesome to care!

Tom’s Last Wish Go Fund Me Page:

–Violent J The Duke baby!

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