Violent J Collab: All-Star Exclusive Charity Single “Sick Kidz”

Sick Kidz

Violent J Collabs With Nova Rockafeller, Lil Eazy-E & Young Wicked For Exclusive Charity Single “Sick Kidz”

Starting next week, Violent J and his charity tourmates Nova Rockafeller, Lil Eazy-E, and Young Wicked set sail for the second leg of this Charity drive. This time around on Violent J’s Solo Charity tour, they are continuing to raise funds for the sick at St. John’s Children’s Hospital of Illinois. What’s super fresh about this, is that all the profits from ticket sales and VIP packages are going to these sick kiddos. In typical Wicked Clown fashion, they didn’t stop there either, the Duke of the Wicked and cohorts on the tour have come together to record a super dope track called “Sick Kidz“. This super dope limited edition track features the Duke himself, Violent J, Young Wicked, Nova Rockafeller, and Lil Eazy-E. They drop rhymes regarding how important it is to give and to help others. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve listened to it about 10 times already and it’s dope as fuck. You’re not going to find this super rare track on HatchetGear. The only place to get this physical track is at the merch booth on the tour. You can even listen to the track HERE. Let’s just hope some bitchboy doesn’t try to rip it off and plaster it on Youtube. Don’t be a dick and steal the shine from these kids. Keep it fresh, buy that shit on the tour. Pay it forward!

Oh, but wait, there even more fucking lickity split freshness. On top of getting this dope single and helping bring some smiles in the kids lives…. there is all sorts of flava jam packed in this limited edition single. It’s crammed with exclusive audio interviews with all the artists giving their thoughts and pouring out their beating fucking hearts, about how much this tour means to them. As if that wasn’t even freshness for yer ass, there are even instrumental and acapella versions on this mug. So DJ’s have fun with that and spin away!

So be sure to head out to theĀ Violent J’s Solo Charity Tour! Get your tickets! Buy those VIP packages and buy this fucking track!


PS If someone wants to buy me one HMU on the contact page and I’ll PayPal you lol

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