Violent J – Real Talk, The Herald Got You All Upset? Read This!

Violent J Edition Hatchet Herald

Got Your Panties In A Twist? Keep Calm & Read This!


Murder – Mayhem Show, hosted by Mitchell recently addressed an issue that seemingly has blown up in the Juggalo community. There has been a divide in Gathers and Non-Gatherers who have taken to the web in response to the recent Hatchet Herald Violent J edition, some are angry and feel invalidated while others have taken a notion to behave like elittest ass holes. Wanna know the truth of the matter? Violent J is right – if you haven’t been to GOTJ you need to get there. Does life happen? Yes. Does it get in the way of our dreams of grandeur at times? Yes. Is it expensive? Fuck Yeah it is – but it’s one million percent worth whatever effort it takes. Violent J isn’t dissin’ you dads who are breaking your backs taking care of your kids, he ain’t dissin’ you moms who tending to your young – and he ain’t dissin’ you kids whose parents don’t dig on the idea of turning you lose at a Nightmare on Elm Street version of a days long carnival – he’s sayin’ if you are sitting around feelin’ like life is stale, if you can make it happen and don’t – ya don’t know what your missin’.

Consider that there are those who travel from other continents to come to gather, those who hitchhike thumbs out to gather, and those who have no idea how they are ever gunna’ get home – but they come to gather. It is fresh fuckin’ shit homies, it really is. It’s so fresh that people damn near crawl if they have to, and once you have been there you totally understand why.

Now, that being said – you think The Duke is going to hate on some fam who doing what they have to to get by? FUCK NO! That’s the shit that be making everyone proud of each other – but what he is saying is that – if it’s been in your grasp at all, if its even close to being in your grasp now – grab that shit cause its the dopest fucking show on earth, and that shit will be fresh as fuck. You’ll make amazing memories and network with fam like a mutha fucker. If you can make it happen then make that shit happen. And if you can’t, then strive for it next year, or don’t – it’s on you!

But please – stop arguing over who is down and who isn’t? If you’re a down ass mutha fucker and you know it – isn’t that what matters? If you can’t make it cause of some real shit – we’ll pour a beer on the ground for you, homies. But if you CAN make it and DON’T – well that’s when #youdontgatheryoudontmatter.

Check out the Murder – Mayhem bit and tell us what you think homies ~ And hope to see you there 😉




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  1. That’s the truth of it, plain and simple. People are going to get pissed over shit like this no matter how it’s stated. The truth sucks but, there it is and Jay knows exactly what he’s talking about. Life will pass you by ina heartbeat and none of us are guaranteed another breath let alone another day. In my 34 years, I’ve watched many things pass by due to various circumastances but, I can proudly say, it was NEVER because I didn’t try. He said at the end, he wasn’t just talking about the Gathering but about life in general. Life, relationships, opportunities, so forth are ONLY what WE make of them.

    It doesn’t matter where you come from, what race you are, what religion you follow, or who you choose to love. Only YOU can make your goals happen. It’s just a matter of how much you’re willing to sacrifice and how hard you are willing to work. Dreams, relationships, people, all come and go and we have only so much time on this earth to make as much of it all as we can. Point is, work hard, play harder, love hardest. Cherish life’s challenges and the people put infront of you, both good and bad, because each and every one is a tiny thread to be woven into the tapestry of your life. Be careful how you leave those you care about because you never know if you’ll see them tomorrow.

    I know I’ve done some rambling here but, after living with more losses than I want to go into right now, and almost losing my husband 5 times over this lasy year, it’s a topic I’ve done quite abit of thinking on. Love each other, show the world that we are FAR better than what we’re made out to be.

    Much Love,


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