VIP Packages Available for Welcome To the Underground Tour 


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Welcome to the Underground Tour VIP Packages are now available for all to snag up! This package is will the normal $100.00 package and it all comes with The Pre-Show meet and greet with Twiztid, Blaze and Boondox. You will get pictures and autographs with Twiztid, Blaze and Boondox. VIP Drawstring bag, VIP Pass, Official Welcome to the Underground Lanyard, 24×36 Poster, A Welcome to the Underground 8×10 Flat, a Limited Edition hat pin, and a Welcome to the Underground CD Single.

The official rules for VIP from Twiztid-Shop:

Who am I meeting?
We’re doing the VIP experience a bit different this time, you get to meet THE DEMENTED DUO TWIZTID, That dead mother fucker BLAZE, and the serial killer that lurks in the woods BOONDOX. You get the opportunity to meet them all in this 1 VIP PACKAGE!
When will my VIP package arrive?
We’re doing something new with the Welcome to the Underground Tour VIP Experience. We are shipping your VIP Package(s) in advance. We will begin to ship packages on September 1, 2015. After September 1, 2015 your package(s) will ship within 24 hours (excluding weekends). If you have any questions, please contact Twiztid-Shop at (313) 288-0804 between 10am and 6pm Monday through Friday.
What time do I show up the day of the show?
Most of the meet and greets begin at approximately 3:00PM Local Time. Again, we’re doing things differently this tour and will be doing our meet and greets before doors so PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU’RE AT THE VENUE AT 3:00PM LOCAL TIME.
Where do I go and what should I bring?
When you arrive at the venue at 3PM local time, please form a line with the other VIP’s at the front door of the venue. A member of Twiztid’s Team will arrive at approximately 3:00PM to check you in. Your name will be on our VIP list, so PLEASE BRING YOUR PHOTO ID!!! Your name MUST MATCH the name that was used to place the order. If somebody purchased a VIP package for you (i.e. your friend, mom, significant other, etc) and their name is on the order, you must provide a copy of your TWIZTID-SHOP Receipt and a written letter signed by that person as proof that you are in fact allowed to participate in the VIP. A Twiztid representative will keep these documents, so without these documents you won’t be permitted to participate in the meet and greet.
Why isn’t my pass included in my VIP package?
WE WILL NOT BE MAILING YOUR VIP PASS. It will be given to you upon check in day of show. This will ensure the venue staff knows that you’re a part of the VIP experience. DO NOT LOSE THIS PASS!!! THE MOMENT YOU LOSE THIS PASS IS THE MOMENT YOU LOSE VIP PRIVILEGES. You WILL NOT get another VIP pass.
How much is shipping for my VIP package?
Shipping for Your VIP package(s) will be determined at the time of purchase and is based on weight and distance. These will all be boxed and shipped with care to ensure none of your VIP items are damaged during shipping
Am I Able To Go Back To My Vehicle After The VIP?
Each Venue has different rules about reentry and this is the first time we are doing our VIP this way so there is no way to guarantee you will be able to go back out to your vehicle, however we do try to be as accommodating as possible so this is a question you can ask when you check in.
How Many Things Can I Get Autographed?
We do not limit the amount of items you can get signed, however we do ask that you use your best judgment when bringing multiple items to get autographed. We do reserve the right to limit you if we feel you have abused the privilege of getting multiple autographs from the artists.
For any updates or questions please call (313) 288-0804 or contact
There is 1 VIP per package meaning each VIP purchased is for 1 Person. If you wish to order more than 1, simply change your quantity in your cart to the number of packages you’d like to purchase.