Want your art showcased? Let’s make it happen

Want your art showcased? Let's make it happen

CameraNinja here!! By now, those of you who tune in to my little corner of TJF, you have read and followed the showcases I’ve been doing over the past few months. For some reason, the submissions have slowed. I need help from you guys to keep my showcase alive!!!

In case you haven’t been tuning in to my showcases… I do one every Saturday on a new artist. I find them either by word of mouth, submissions, through social media or just some good old fashioned stumble upon luck. I start with a little introduction then we move in to some questions about yourself and your art. The best part is the gallery of your art!! I will use about 10 photos to show everybody your talent.

Of course I have to cover many mediums.. pens, pencils, photography, markers, paint brushes, paint cans, clay, wood… juuust to name a few…

So please!! LET ME SHOWCASE YOU!!!!! Send me an email at cameraninjatjf@gmail.com OR staff@truejuggalofamily.com.

BRING IT ON NINJAS!!!!!! I look forward to showcasing as many of you as possible!! So again… send your submissions to cameraninjatjf@gmail.com OR staff@truejuggalofamily.com


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