rob zombie "get high" video

Watch Rob Zombie’s Elvis-Inspired ‘Get High’ Video

Rob Zombie released his second music video for his upcoming album, The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser. The full name of this single is “In the Age of the Consecrated Vampire We All Get High.” It was premiered exclusively on Rolling Stone and not even available on YouTube as of yet. The video was inspired by Elvis Presley. Rob told Rolling Stone, “I always loved the way Elvis looked on his comeback special standing in front of a giant ‘ELVIS’ sign. “So I figured let’s do that, but instead of my name it will say ‘GET HIGH.’ It’s a simple message for everyone.”

The ‘Get High’ video is a real head banger! I really enjoyed jamming out to this track. I also loved those freaking pants Rob Zombie wears. Seriously, I want a pair. The video itself seems like a very costly concert set up. I think it would make for a great concert set for his current tour. Then again, it was based off of an old Elvis performance. So, it only makes sense it would have that live feel to it.

Rob Zombies’ new album comes out April 29th. It will include this song and the other pre-release music video track “So, Everybody’s Fucking on a UFO.” This album was started way before the production of the horror film 31 which debuted at the last Sundance Film Festival. The wide scale release of 31 is set sometime in September of this year. It will be a treat to finally see that project too. Rob went through a lot of hell to get an R rating for that film so it could be shown in theaters.

In the mean time you can catch Rob Zombie and Korn live at the Return of the Dreads tour.

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