Zebra Octobra

Upcoming Artist- Zebra Octobra

Last night at ABK’s Warrior Valentine Show they introduced a new and upcoming artist in the underground world, ZebrA OctobrA. zebra octobraShe was on the single that ABK released to the fans and they even performed it live at the end of the show. She is a Michigan local and you can expect to hear her unique and mesmerizing voice on upcoming Native World Inc productions and more. Though she is independent at the moment, she has done work with Native World,  DivAudi, and Titan Records. She has also been featured in tracks with ABK, Hooligan, Supa Emcee, and more.

ZebrA is a free spirited soul with a very unique voice that leaves listeners wanting more. Last night at the Warrior Valentine Show, she had proved that to be nothing less than true. Everyone in attendance was in awe with her amazing talents and sound. She was the transition to the Native World sets and it was a definite change of pace! You can find more of her on her Pikore.

She is a Michigander, so of course she had to put down something for the Flint water crisis called “Pay To Be Poisoned”  that was put together by ABK’s producer Native Keyz – you can peep this track on ZebrA’s SoundCloud. Native Keyz will also be working on her upcoming solo projects too, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled! It has also been confirmed you will be hearing her on Anybody Killa’s upcoming cd as well, and we are beyond stoked to listen!

Here is the single that was released of ABK and ZebrA OctobrA last night- check it out!


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