We Rejoice At The First 13 Years Of Nintendo Power Archived

Nintendo Power Magazine Is Being Archived Online!

Nintendo Power,Randy Savage,

I was young and in a drug store I saw a Pokemon on the front cover of a magazine. I picked up the magazine, and just stared at it freaking out. Prior to that day I had no idea my favorite gaming company had a magazine. I had read other magazine’s with them featured in it but never one directly dedicated to them. I rushed to my grandmother asked her to buy it for me and when she did I took it home and read it cover to cover every single day. Well flash forward about 16 or more years and I find out from Nerdist that the first thirteen years of the magazine have been posted online on the Internet archive so if you are interested in reading them go check it out, however, knowing Nintendo it’s only a matter of time before they are removed due to Nintendo’s legal department being known to send out desist letters.



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  1. Rejoice no more, Nintendo filed a DCMA takedown request and it was taken down. I believe they are up elsewhere and in torrent form as well.


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