Weird Al Yankovic supports the LGBT Community of North Carolina

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Many celebrities and big corporations are skipping over North Carolina tour dates and other future business deals.   All in protest against the gender orientation bathroom law that recently took effect called, HB2 Bill. Weird Al just announced that he will continue to play his North Carolina tour dates. Battling the decision to play due to the political controversy of the HB2 Bill.

The HB2 Bill is a law that states you must use the (public) bathroom that matches the gender of your birth certificate.  This law will also prohibit any other local governments from fighting against this law. Local North Carolina statistics show basically a split of half against and half for potty freedom.

But have no fear citizens of Greenboro, NC! Yankovic has decided to continue on with the tour dates as nothing can stop him from bringing Mandatory Fun Tour 2016! Weird Al will be donating his show proceeds from the June 18th show to Human Rights Campaign. He just keeps proving he’s the most realest musician in the world!

Weird Al Mandatory Fun Tour dates


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