Wesley Snipes interview at Comic Con 2015

Wesley Snipes

Image Courtesy from IGN

Wesley Snipes interview at Comic Con 2015 is all about his new show The Player as well as Marvel’s Blade reboot. Wesley Snipes told IGN, “It’s a topic of conversation. It’s inescapable. They have their agenda, we have ours, and we’re both moving at an accelerated pace to create magic. We’ll see if it all matches up. There’s a strong possibility, but if not we have another project that’s going to stand toe to toe with Blade.” During the interview he explains that he and the Marvel team have gotten together and discussed the Blade reboot. It seems like everyone is on board for the reboot. I, personally, am excited about the Blade reboot, I really hope it is better than the original and not crap. Sometimes some movies that were out in the late 90’s early 2000’s just need to be left alone. But its Marvel and I trust Marvel and Wesley Snipes to make a killer movie. At least they will be using the same actor and not try and ruin it with a different actor. That’s my personal opinion though…What are y’alls opinion on the matter?



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