Juggalo Day Weekend With notslim1

notslim1 juggalo day weekend

Notslim1, a Canadian homie of True Juggalo Family came down to Detroit, Michigan for Juggalo Day Weekend.  As always he had a camera in hand.  Many ninjas make cameos in the JDW edition of notslim1 now including TJF’s Menace, Rude Boy, Scottie D of FLH, Mankini and more .

 Juggalo Day Weekend took place Feb 19th and 20th in Detroit Michigan. An action packed weekend featuring the first full set from Killjoy Club, Lil Eazy-E, King 810, Mushroomhead, JCW Wrestling action, Esham, a surprise performance from Twiztid, ICP performing Ringmaster, and so much more.  It’s a long video for a reason, so much freshness packed into one video! Peep all the freshness that was JDW from the eyes of the homie from north of the border, notslim1.


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