funk volume dramaFunk Volume Drama Continues! What the Funk?

Well, we all know Hopsin likes to pull publicity stunts and air his feelings on social media as many people do now a days. Just a couple days ago we informed you when Hopsin started airing out some Funk Volume Drama on Intragram and Facebook. He confirmed the next day that it was a serious threat to leave his seven year co-founded label due to a falling out with co-founder, Damien Ritter.

funk volume drama

Apparently Damien said Hopsin wasn’t working hard enough. So, Hopsin decided to give him a public ultimatum. Hopsin hasn’t said another word since this last Facebook post (pictured above) on Jan. 3. But to add to the drama yesterday, Jarren Benton posted on Instagram that he was going to leave Funk Volume too.

HipHopDx published an article this morning discussing Jarren’s departure. Then later updated the article stating, “HipHopDX confirmed with Funk Volume that Jarren Benton is still signed to the label and is not leaving to join No Limit.” But who at Funk Volume informed HipHopDx of this news? For not but an hour ago Jerren Benton posted this on his Intagram:

This how I stepped out of @funkvolume. Video credit to @jazzepha

A post shared by Jarren Benton (@jarrenbenton) on

So, who knows what is really going on over at Funk Volume. It seems the two co-founders are splitting up no matter what happens and Jarren is just hanging on to the drama. In the end it may just be another media drama to keep people talking. All publicity is good publicity. So, I suppose making your own publicity by mimicking popular social media bitch fighting works like a charm.

We’ll see where this whole drama takes us. Will another independent label fall or will it flourish with new found support? Drama creates enthusiasm and fans become hardcore supporters. This may just be a brilliant ploy to gain support. Then again it could be a serious call to action in the name of Justice. Either way we get a front row seat to the drama. So, get your popcorn this show is merely beginning.


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