Break The Frame

Make it? or Break it?



On January 5th, 2016 Whitney Peyton’s highly anticipated second album dropped “Break the Frame”.  To me this album is a really solid depiction of the talent that Whitney Peyton possesses. Back in September, the first single off “Break the Frame” was released, It’s all Good featuring sounds. The sound of the album has everything from and EDM sound to a rock feel with “Flatline” featuring the misfits and Matt good. The feature list on the album has a good range as well featuring well known underground artist like King Fu Vampire and Jelly roll just adds more to the songs.

My stand out tracks:
Broken Road (Feat. Allie Santos) – This was a great song, there was one verse on this song that really stuck out to me, she talked about all the things she misses when she’s on the road. She brings up one instance when her mom got sick and she couldn’t be there for her family and how she misses everything. I think this is something that a lot of artist deal with that we don’t think about. But to me this is just one more song bringing more to light the hard work it takes to get somewhere in the business.

Word of Mouth (feat Kung Fu Vampire) – This song is really talking about the comparison I would say of main stream vs. underground.  When your underground, people don’t hear about you from your promo all the time. I know for me I heard about the whole Juggalo Movement through a friend when I was in middle school and the same principle in the underground you get known from people spreading the word. The song itself has a great sound, something you can bump to.

Gasoline (Feat. Allie Santos) – This song is a little slower but I think that the chorus has a great message and it really stuck with me. The words ” I burned the bridge but you poured the gasoline and lit the match for me”, those words alone I feel like we have all had a relationship that we can relate this to.


Song List:
(Bolded is my stand out tracks)

1.Break the Frame (Intro)
2.Broken Road (feat. Allie Santos)
3.Red Light (Funk You)
4.Too Far Gone (feat. Johnathan Padilla)
5.Sticks and stones
    (feat. Jelly Roll & Rachael Rota)

6.Wake the Neighbors
7.Word of Mouth
(feat. Kung Fu Vampire)

8.Gasoline (feat. Allie Santos)
9. Flatline (feat. Misfits & Matt Good)
10.It’s All Good (feat. Sounds)





My final thoughts, I say Whitney Peyton Made it with this album. She’s young talented and really I know she pushes her Underdog movement but if she keeps this up shes going to be Top dog in the underground world. Keep up the great and hard work Whitney, can’t wait to see more from you in  your career.

Peep the First official Video off the Album- It’s All Good (feat. Sounds)


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