Whitney Peyton Announces New Album “Firecracker”!

Whitney Peyton

As she has proved time and time again, Whitney Peyton is on a grind that never stops. With constant touring, linking up with other artists, putting out new music, releasing music videos, and more, Dub P clearly has no intentions of slowing down. Of course, if you’re a proud member of Team Underdog, you couldn’t be happier about this. Well, that being said, prepare yourselves for another awesome announcement… Whitney will be putting out a new album!

Just announced, her latest project is titled Firecracker and has some very interesting yet super fresh cover art. According to Team Underdog’s fearless leader, the album is set to be released this October! As with any artists, Whitney is clearly very excited about her upcoming release. So much so that on her Twitter account, you can find a small contest concerning the album.

Be sure to head over to her page today and enter for your chance to win! Even if you don’t win, though, the record itself is sure to be a gift all its’ own. Stay tuned to True Juggalo Family for future updates!

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