Whitney Peyton Talks ‘Breaking The Frame’ To Rise Above Hip-Hop

Whitney Peyton

In a recent interview with Rockstardreams.comBreak The Frame artist Whitney Peyton goes in-depth with the details of her career. Fans get the chance to hear straight from the rapper’s mouth what it’s like to be a female in the hip-hop industry, as well as how typically, only the positive sides to such a career get highlighted. Through this very intimate interview, we see that Whitney is so much more than just a ‘little white girl’ from Philadelphia who can rap. With talks like this, it’s very clear to see that fans always have more to learn about their favorite artists. Check out the exclusive interview below:

You can purchase her most recent release Break The Frame off of her official website, as well as catch her out on tour with Supreem Da Rezarekta and Stitchy C!

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