Wisdom And Good Vibes EP – The End Or A New Beginning?

Wisdom And Good Vibes

Today is the official release date of Wisdom and Good Vibes, the first EP release from Dizzy Wright since the abrupt end of record label Funk Volume. It’s been very up in the air about what the future holds for the artists who were signed, but it seems that Dizzy has no intentions of giving up. In a couple of his songs, he mentions how 2016 is going to be different and he will not be stopped, saying “In 2016, I’m taking off” in the track “Plotting”. So will this be true?

There are eight songs included on the EP, and to me, each one really does give off positive vibes. Titles like “I Wanted Mo” and “Let Me Live” give off a ‘keep-pushing-till-you-make-it’ kind of vibe. Meanwhile, “I Got A Lot Of Love To Give” is one of those chill songs that you can smoke to. Produced by the likes of FreezeOnTheBeat and MLB, the EP as a whole is an insightful entity that makes you excited to see just what else Dizzy will come out with this year. To end, he reminds us to keep our heads up no matter what, and be kind to one another because we all have that power within us. All in all, I can say that the drama with Funk Volume is in no way the end of Dizzy Wright. With an EP such as this now unleashed upon us, it’s clear that we will be hearing some of the best of Dizzy yet.

Track ListWisdom And Good Vibes

Wisdom and Good Vibes is available to listen for free on both YouTube and SoundCloud:

As well as to purchase on the official website or on iTunes. Grab your copy today and experience some seriously good vibes!

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