What up, Ninjas!! CameraNinja here, bringing you knowledge on our homie CLAAS as his #50in50 challenge is off to a strong start. TJF’s editor in chief, Main G. Dawg, asks CLAAS some questions about life….


On to the questions……

1. How are things going in the world of CLAAS?

Things are going great! Me and Kenny (@CoolStoryKennyD) are on our Pinky & the Brain and set on World Domination ..so we’re doin the same thing we do every day ….try to take over the World ..just sayin 2. What is #50in50?

50 in 50 is a iron man project I started …it’s me getting a beat, writing a track, getting the track mixed and mastered as well as sent off for collab if there’s a collab all in one week ..50 tracks in 50 straight weeks, it’s pretty rough plus I’m at the mercy of any artist who collabs cuz if they don’t come through then I gotta hightail another verse so the song comes out on time ..which is every Tuesday evening 3. What inspired you to do it?

Just wanted to do something different ..a lot of ppl do free tracks ..a lot of ppl do weekly or bi weekly shit but I wanted to test myself and my skills and show my fans love and appreciation by working as hard as I’ve ever worked as well as getting them quality tracks every time ..not freestyles and shit but full on produced tracks every week for a fuckin year! 4. You’ve spit fire with a lot of cool people. Aside from me, who was your favorite?

I can’t say I actually have a favorite ..everything I’ve done has been amazing ..the people I’ve met and became friends with is mindblowing to me lol …doing shows with those ppl or getting them to hop on tracks or anything is fuckin dope flat out

5. What draws you to horror-core over other styles of hip hop?

I’ve always loved darker horrorcore-esque music ..I’ve been a juggalo since I was like 12 so it’s in my blood but I wouldn’t say it draws me over other styles ..my music is a lot of styles ..you can’t pigeon hole it ..I do what I want when I want with music ..that’s what 50 and 50 will show ..you might get a semi horror idgaf track like “Pain” or straight horror like “They Were Gonna Die Anyways” w/the homie Dieabolik of LSP or you might get a get drunk get high track or just me talkin shit ..I do it all ..I’m more so drawn to music that isn’t the nerdy pop radio rap stylings that get shoved down our throats 6. What are the plans for after #50in50?

Who knows lol …my mind may be fried by then cuz I also have my mixtape You Mad 3 coming this year as well as a new EP “B.E.A.R” coming this year and were still wanting to hit the road and your also which should make getting a track down every week very magyverish lol ..so this year is gonna be the busiest me and my team has ever been and we fuckin love it

7. What is your spirit animal and does he/she have a name?

It would have to be a Bear ..no name ..just a huge crazy drooling tear shit up bear

8. What is your opinion of 50 Shades of Grey? I mean I’m sayin …gonna have a bunch of housewives and shit thinkin bondage is dope ..but I’m sure if they went on their interwebs and searched some real bondage they may think twice lol 9. You tour a lot. Where are some of your upcoming destinations?

Right now we’re tryin to set up a few things ..I have some shows in Dallas and possible other spots but we’re definitely tryin to hit the road for a little while as well as perform at my home away from home the Gathering of the Juggalos for the 9th straight year!

10. Where would you be without hip hop?


11. If you could collab with a dead rapper, which one would you choose? 2 Pac hands down no debate or discussion ..I was a teenager when he was at his pinnacle and can only imagine how dope he would be today and how fuckin crazy it would be to get the opportunity

12. Has the FBI raided your house for juggalo paraphernalia yet? Nah ..but I do get mad weird looks when I go out with my KillJoy Hoodie on lol ..like they ain’t never see a bloody headshot smile before 13. Who would win in a fight: orange belt ninjas vs top ranking storm troopers?

The battle would be intense ..I imagine the ninjas ability to take cover and use ninja tactics would begin the war on their side but eventually the troopers would go night or heat vision and fuck some shit up so in the end troopers

14. Will any of the #50in50 songs make it on your next studio album?

No ..50 in 50 is its on entity ..all these songs are free and every 10th will make a volume album with bonuses so there will be 5 albums plus bonuses at the end as well as anyone that doesn’t do hard copies or don’t have money can download free on file dropper, reverbnation and soundcloud ..we link all of those with each one ..so it’ll be mad accessible for everyone! all I ask is that people do me the favor of Retweeting it ..Sharing it ..Linking it ..Posting it on their sites ..Reviewing it ..etc ..anything that helps push! 15. Are you going to be at GOTJ this year?

I’ve been to 15 straight ..so yes i plan on making this #16! ..fuckin love GOTJ ..I’ve seen it since the beginning and the monster it is now and I can never get enough

16. What would you like to say to the Juggalos and Juggalettes reading this right now?

Just Thank You for all the support and love over the years ..it’s been amazing and it’s just getting better so peep the 50 in 50 ..hit up my Facebook ..Facebook.com/Iamclaas ..Twitter @iamclaas and all that good shit! #TCH #letsgo

so there you have it, my Ninjas! You got inside CLAAS. was it good for you? Join us each week as the #50in50challenge continues! This week is track 4 and we will be bringing it to you soon! To follow, like, tweet, and all that jazz, hit some links down below….

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