World’s Largest Nerf Gun

world's largest nerf gun mark rober

Hello True Juggalo Family!

Have you ever had a Nerf gun fight whether it be at home or at the office? Wish you could just strike back with the ultimate Nerf gun ever? Well, Mark Rober has invented the solution to ultimate winning every time and prevent Nerf bullies from ever messing with him again.

Mark partnered up with some other Youtuber’s to create a bigger version of the Nerf N-Strike Maverick. This gun stands a whopping four foot tall! And if you’re thinking it shoots the regular sized darts, you’re completely wrong! This shoots a dart which is made of a plunger and a pool noodle at 40 miles per hour! Each time it can shoot up to five darts before the air compressor has to refill. How dope would this be to bring to the Gathering?! It can smash through glass, and fly as far as 400 feet! Needless to say, I think even Mark Rober’s co-workers can agree- He wins!

Watch this bad boy in action!

Get Nerf or Nothin’! O’Doyle Rules!


~ MzHollyw00d

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