WWE Monday Night Raw Freshness

WWE WrestlemaniaWWE RAW  live in Chicago! The crowd goes wild as Shane McMahon enters the main stage dancing down the ramp as his entrance music “Here Comes the Money” is heard throughout the arena. The crowd is on their feet screaming, chanting his name as numerous “Welcome back Shane O’Mac” signs wave through the air. As he enters the ring, the crowd still cheering his name, standing in the middle of the ring in amazement of the grand welcome back he received. He starts by saying how much respect he has for his upcoming opponent The Undertaker, and his lack of respect he has for his father, Vincent McMahon, in which he says he is going to end his father’s tyrannical reign, saying Vince has lost his touch with his company, and his fans. Shane says it’s his destiny to take over Monday Night RAW. Then the lights go out as you hear the Undertaker’s gong ring. I was pumped as almost always when the Undertaker is on his way out, but only to find out the darkness was broken by Vince McMahons music as he walks out with a grin on his face asking the crowd “Are you disappointed?” Well, yeah who wouldn’t rather see the Undertaker over Mr.McMahon any day. Mr.McMahon puts a picture of him holding Shane when he was a boy on the tron. Also holding the actual photo in hand he throws it on the ground and stomps on it as he tells Shane he is invincible. He calls security out and orders them to remove Shane from his ring. Shane tells them he will escort himself out as he sees fit and continues to tell them they better not touch him because he is “amped up!” But, of course, they get in the ring anyway and with a quickness Shane takes out each of them with ease. You got to love when the underdog prevails. No matter the huge fan base of the Undertaker the fans thrive on a the underdog story. Shane winning at Wrestlemania would not only hype up the fans, but also put a new spin on Monday nights with Shane in control of RAW.

  Kevin Owens, WWE intercontinental champion, and Neville with another bout this Monday night was a close match up. As expected, the superstars battle back and forth inflicting pain and punishment on each other. Neville connects with a super kick on Owens followed by a second rope phoenix splash, but it just wasn’t enough. Owens kicks out with a near fall. Neville gets up and calls for the red arrow, but you already know never turn your back on a wrestler while he’s on the ground, because what always happens? Owens catches him off guard and rolls him up from behind and collects the win. But was that enough for Owens? Is it ever? Owens without mercy, beats down Neville. Owens is setting up to powerbomb Neville onto the apron, when out of no where Sami Zayn’s Music sounds through the sound system as Zayn pushes towards the ring with revenge in his eyes after former friend Kevin Owens turned on him in NXT taking him out of action with a powerbomb. Zayn in his haste hurts his shoulder as he slides in the ring going straight for Owens while landing a few good shots before Owens flees and leaves Zayn and Neville in the ring together. Revenge is in the air and Zayn is out for blood. I would love to see this match up at WrestleMania which is only rumors at this point, but word is we might get our wish and see Kevin Owens put his intercontinental belt on the line at WrestleMania against Sami Zayn.

 Also for some backstage freshness, Dolph Ziggler is talking to Zach Ryder as the wicked witch Stephanie McMahon cuts them off to thank Ziggler for taking down a tweet he had posted about anti-athority, which makes Ziggler bring up WWE Survivor series from 2 years ago when he joined team Cena as they took out team authority which was made up of Kane, Randy Orton, and Seth Rollins. Stephanie of course always brewing up punishment like the witch she is, says since Ziggler wants to bring up the match, he will face the league of nations in a handicap match live on RAW tonight.

With a short Diva match tonight should still hold for some interesting drama as Brie Bella goes up against Summer Rae. As the woman go head to head Brie dominating the match as she moves out of Summers high kick it allows Brie to hit the yes kicks than of course her special Brie mode running knee. Thinking the match was over, Lana comes out to the ring distracting Brie as (once again never turn your back on a wrestler on the ground) Summer rolls up Brie from behind for the win. Brie confused and disoriented Lana X-factors Brie taking her down for the count.

Dean Ambrose makes his way to the stage after getting beaten the week before by the WWE champion Triple H. Ambrose says he’s going to take the WWE titleWWE Roadblock from Triple H at Roadblock this Saturday and will be in the main event at WrestleMania. Ambrose says after beating Triple H he will have to respect him. Ambrose tries to get Triple H to come fight him, but instead makes Ambrose face off against Bray Wyatt. Like I said previously, the underdog story gets you pumped and ready for this Saturday.

The Dolph Ziggler handicap match against the league of nations didn’t go to well for Ziggler. He started off full steam ahead and eliminates king Barrett quite easily. But it was all downhill from there. Ziggler misses a fameasser on Sheamus as he falls right into a boot to the head by Rusev. Sheamus taking out Ziggler with a brogue kick seals the deal as the league of nations win the match.

Another  Divas match against Naomi and Tamina vs Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. Sasha reversing Naomi’s bulldog into the banks statement giving Sasha and Becky the win. After the match current WWE women’s Champion Charlotte gets in the ring taking out Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks.

The WWE tag team championship belts were also on the line last night as The New Day go against the newly named Y2AJ Chris Jericho and AJ styles. The feud has been going on for a couple of weeks now thinking Jericho and Styles made a great team after losing the title match. After, Big E escapes the walls of Jericho, as Jericho then tries for the code breaker, Big E catches him midair and lands the Big ending for the win. After the match Styles tries to help Jericho up, Jericho and his ego were hurt so he repeatedly hit AJ with the code breaker three times and then proceeds to stuff the Y2AJ shirt in his mouth.

Backstage Kalisto is stopped by Jojo. Kalisto proceeds to say it is his dream to wrestle at Wrestlemania and Ryback says he deserves it. But he then goes on and on about how Kalisto should be a solo act, also a rumor, but these two are possibly going to meet up at WrestleMania.

For the main event it was Dean Ambrose against Bray Wyatt. Let’s be honest we all know the Wyatt family was there to shake things up. The match was quite close, even at one point they both double clothesline each other and both almost get counted out before they both slid back in. But as soon as Ambrose gets the upper hand the lights go out and guess who? It’s the whole Wyatt family! They beat down Ambrose as Bray Wyatt hit Ambrose with sister Abigale. After the match Triple H comes out and Bray Wyatt gets in his face, touches his belt, then just walks away. Triple H takes his jacket off tears apart the announcer table setting up to pedigree Ambrose through the table. As Triple H gets in the ring Ambrose is waiting as he walks right into Dirty Deeds, ending this weeks episode of WWE Monday night RAW.   

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