WWE NXT Recaps Takeover Dallas Just Days After Wrestlemania


WWE NXT: Most of this week’s show was a recap and a special look into Takeover Dallas with after match interviews with the superstars and how they felt winning the match. Get a behind the scenes look at Takeover Dallas on this week’s episode of WWE NXT.

Elias Samson vs Apollo Crews. Elias comes to the ring with his guitar trying to sing a song for the crowd. The crowd didn’t agree with that their boo’s so deafening you couldn’t even hear what Samson was saying. Apollo Crews comes out to the ring and the crowd changes their tune. This is a great match up with Samson only having lost one match since his NXT début and Crews is just a human wrecking ball in its own. Apollo being as big as he is, surprisingly is a very athletic wrestler, connecting with flying kicks to the head of Samson. Samson landing a knee straight to the jaw of Apollo wasn’t enough. Apollo connects with another big kick then picks up Samson and lands his toss powerbomb getting the 3 count.

The ending of the show was a look at Takeover Dallas ‘ main event, Sami Zayne vs Shinsuke Nakamura. This was such an epic match up! The passion of these two wrestlers only made it that more amazing. The interviews they both had after the match was them basically saying how great it was to share the ring with someone as passionate and hardworking at what they do.

Not too much action, but it was nice to see behind the scenes and get to see the interviews these superstars give right after their grueling matches. That was this weeks recap of NXT by your favorite ninja, The Everyday Ninja.

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