NXT Recap 3/16/2016

WWE NXTWWE NXT in Full Sail University, Orlando, Florida. Sami Zayne starts off this weeks NXT hour of power. This guy has been busy the last couple of weeks. He returned to WWE RAW March 7th viciously attacking Kevin Owens. He since fought Samoa Joe on NXT in a 2/3 falls number one contender match. Then again on WWE network special event Roadblock in a match against Stardust. Also, he fought the following Monday in a match against The Miz. He starts off last nights show talking about the intense match up against Samoa Joe which lasted 45 minutes. Zayne said him and Samoa Joe went to war. The match ended with Zayne missing a helluva kick and Samoa Joe getting him in the clutch making Zayne pass out. Zayne might have lost the match, but he went toe to toe with Joe. Us fans couldn’t have asked for a better match. Zayne then goes onto say that he is going to steal the show during TakeOver. As he says that NXT General manager William Regal comes out to the same lame song he’s had for years “Regality”. Regal says that he thinks Zayne is right, he deserves something special. So Regal sets up a match for TakeOver, Sami Zayne vs Shinsuke Nakamura, the newest member of NXT. Nakamura pops up looking all creepy like the Asian version of Prince telling Zayne that he’s ready for him come TakeOver. Zayne just smiled as he left the ring.

Up next is The Hype Bros Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder vs Angelo Dawkins and Kenneth Crawford. Not really a big fan of this match mostly because The Hype Bros are like the New Day of NXT. They hurt my soul every time they have the mic. Anyway, the match was pretty routine. Mojo hits Kenneth a few shoulder blocks and a splash in the corner. Then, Mojo and Zack hit Kenneth Crawford with the Hype Ryder and the Hype Bros win by 3 count.

Deonna Purrazzo had a match against Emma. Emma had control most of the match. Purrazzo got a few good shots in, but Emma just was too much for Purrazzo. At the end of the match, Emma locks Purrazzo up with the Dilemma in the ropes. Then takes her out with the Emma lock for the win.

Tommaso Ciampa vs Jesse Sorenson was a pretty short match. Sorenson drop kicks Tommaso. Sorenson goes to chop Tommaso in the corner. Tommaso counters with an elbow. Tommaso makes Sorenson tap out with an arm bar.

Next up is a tag match with Nia Jax and Eva Marie up against Asuka and Bayley. These ladies go at it! The match was only 4 minutes, but it was non-stop. At the close of the match Jax goes to leg drop Bayley. She rolls out of the way and smacks Eva. Then Bayley dropkicks Jax out of the ring. Bayley grabs Eva with the Bayley to belly and gets the 3 count for the win. As the match closes William Regal’s smug ass comes out once again. While Asuka and Bayley are celebrating he tells them they will face each other and Bayley will put her NXT women’s championship on the line. Bayley seems very nervous about this.

WWE NXTFor the main event, it is a number one contenders match for the tag team championship title shot. The match is American Alpha vs The Vaudevillains. Now, these two teams I think would make much better tag team champs then The Revival. The Revival is all talk and parlor tricks, but that’s just my opinion. This was a great match. Both teams gave their best. The match comes to an end as Jordan takes out Gotch with a suplex outside the ring. American Alpha both in the ring alone with English as they double team him back to back and ending up hitting him with the Grand Amplitude ending the match with a pinfall. Now American Alpha are the number one contenders at TakeOver for a chance to win the WWE NXT tag team championships. This has been a recap of your WWE NXT hour of freshness by your favorite ninja The Everyday Ninja. Stay fresh homies.

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