WWE NXT in Orlando, Fla. This week’s action starts with Elias Samson vs Johnny Gargano. This match was a short one. Even with Samson’s brute strength he just couldn’t match the athleticism of Gargano. Although every time Samson hit Gargano it took it out of him, he still managed to wrangle the beast. With a reversal into a roll up Gargano gets the pin fall for the win.

The next match up is the WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor vs Rich Swann. Honestly, I don’t like this NXT champion. He doesn’t display enough showmanship and his gimmick is kind of lame, but that’s just my opinion. Rich Swann actually gave the NXT champion a run for his money. With a enziguri to the face and a hurricanrana off the top ropes. It looked as if Swann was gonna win the match. But, the champion over powered him, hit Swann with a stomp from the top rope, and then a falling DDT for the win.

Next match up is Alexa Bliss vs Sarah Dobson. Bliss and her entourage kills me! All they do is interfere with her matches, but hell that’s what an entourage are there for from the beginning. This match was mostly in Bliss’s favor. Bliss taking Dobson down and beating her in the face. Dobson had a couple good moments with a flying knee to Bliss’s face. But with the distraction by her entourage she moves out of Dobson’s way and throws her down. Bliss back hand springs and stomps on her chest. Then goes to the top rope and hits her with the sparkle slam and gets the pin fall for the win.

WWE NXTThe next match is Bull Dempsey vs Danny Burch. Yeah this didn’t happen. As soon as Bull Dempsey came out to the ring Samoa Joe comes running out and hits Bull with the Coquina clutch. Taking Bull out he runs into the ring where Danny Burch waits for his match up, but catches a Coquina clutch. Joe makes him pass out. Joe gets up and with out a mic starts telling Balor that that’s his WWE NXT championship and he’s coming for it.

WWE NXTThe main event for the night is Asuka vs Emma. This was a very technical match up with a lot of take downs and submissions. Emma taking control early keeping Asuka on the ground most of the match. But once Asuka got her feet grounded she took control ending the match with a german suplex then getting Emma in the Asuka lock she ended the match with a tap out and the win. Bayley is next at Takeover.

That was your WWE NXT recap by your favorite ninja, The Everyday Ninja.

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