WWE NXT Takeover Dallas Recap


WWE NXT Takeover: Dallas Recap, American Alpha vs The RevivalWWE NXT Takeover Dallas: It’s time for the takeover. We start tonight off with a Tag Team Championship match, American Alpha vs The Revival. So, The Revival finally steps in the ring against American Alpha for the first time. Of course, The Revival takes the match the cheap way distracting the ref, raking the eyes, but it just wasn’t enough with the technical skills of American Alpha. The Revival gave them a run for their money. With a unorthodox move Wilder goes underneath the ring and sneaked up on American Alpha and almost got the win, but Wilder wasn’t the legal man. Then, at the close of the match Gabel and Jordan hit Dawson with a flying amplitude going  into the pinfall making the new WWE NXT Tag Team Champions American Alpha!

Baron Corbin vs Austin Aries: Now when Austin Aries debuted on NXT Baron Corbin made an example out of him in front of William Regal and just dismantled Aries. Now Aries wants his revenge. Aries keeping Corbin at bay most of the match taking out his legs and getting on his back, but when Corbin takes control he’s hard to stop. Just using his size and strength destroys Aries. But, Aries doesn’t go away without a fight. Corbin, in control most of the match, goes for the end of day. Areis counters and rolls Corbin up and gets the three count for the win.

Sami Zayne Vs Shinauke Nakamura, WWE NXT takeover dallasSami Zayne Vs Shinauke Nakamura: With Sami Zayne’s return to NXT his first match up is Shinauke Nakamura. Evenly matched, these two take turns just beating each other senseless. By the end of the match they use everything they have just to hit each other. After they both get a little juice back Nakamura gets Zayne in an arm bar, but Zayne reverses and gets up and hits Nakamura with an inverted facedrop. At the close of the match Zayne tries to hit the exploder and Nakamura counters, goes to the top ropes, hits Zayne in the back of the head with a kick, waits for Zayne to get up, and hits him with a spinning lunge kick and gets the pinfall for the win. At the end of the match they get up and shake hands, a great end to a great match.

Asuka Vs Bayley: WWE NXT women’s Championship match up. Going into this match I thought Asuka was going to come out the NXT women champion real fast. But, this was actually a good match. These women put each other through hell, submission after submission, the gut wrenching pain from getting the same are getting twisted and pulled over and over, muscles ripping in pain. At the close of the match Asuka puts Bayley in the Asuka hold, but Bayley refuses to tap as a result Asuka puts her straight to sleep as she closes her eyes the bell rings and Asuka is your new WWE NXT women’s champion.

WWE NXT takeover dallas recap, Samoa Joe Vs Finn BalorFor the main event it’s Samoa Joe Vs Finn Balor. This is for the WWE NXT Championship. Balor gets the upper hand early by knocking Samoa Joe out of the ring and then flipping outside the ring and knocking him down. Samoa Joe’s eye was busted open early in the match producing a lot of blood, but that didn’t stop him at all. Samoa threw Balor all over the inside and outside of the ring. Although Balor was unbreakable the more and more Samoa Joe beat on him the more Balor was still fighting back. Samoa Joe hits Balor with a huge powerbomb and still Balor kicked out. Samoa Joe gets Balor in a sleeper hold. It seems Balor is done, he’s about to fall asleep, then he gains power, attacks Joe a few times, reversed the sleeper hold, and rolls Samoa Joe up and gets the 3 count and he still contains the WWE NXT Championship belt. A night full of chaos just like we like it. What a great show! Now we are even more pumped for WrestleMania. This was a recap from your favorite ninja, The Everyday Ninja.

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