WWE star shows restaurant manager a little about compassion


Titus O’Neil, WWE Tag Team Champion, taught a restaurant manager a lesson about treating people fairly. The incident was at the Yard House in San Diego on Friday night. Here’s the story… Titus took a homeless couple to dinner out of the kindness of his heart. Out of the discrimination of the manager’s heart, he had a “distant” attitude towards the couple and Titus. This did not sit well with the WWE star so he decided to teach the manager a lesson on compassion.

How did he do it, you ask? The only way any normal person would. duh! He brought a group of homeless people to dine at the establishment. Check out this video from his Instagram post about it…


I’m gathering homeless people to take them out to eat at @yardhouse last night I did the same thing and the manager seemed distant in Serving the two last night so I said instead of just posting I’ll gather more and eat lunch with them at that Resturant. They need to learn how to treat All humans as such. #contentofcharacter #alllivesmatter


Apparently, his approach worked because he reported that the response from the manager was a complete turn around. Titus posted a picture of the bunch on his Instagram account…
Completely Different Response than Last night at the @YardHouse in San Diego I’m Not a Fan of Injustice or Prejudice of any sort towards Anybody. My Mother Raised Me with the Help of many others from all walks of life and there were many Times that I had to go without as a youth because of A Lack of Financial resources. People will categorize those that they can’t relate to criticize those that stand up and speak out against what’s wrong all until it directly affects them. I’m not the richest man in the world, but Money,Fame and Status have never held me Bondage because at the end of the day I’ve Gone without before and God has always provided for me. Now I have the opportunity to do the exact thing that others did for me when I had nothing to give them in return….LOVE OTHERS!!! Thanks to those that accepted Help&Those that Treated my guest at lunch as Humans,Patrons and Gods People. On to Ontario for @WWE Live tonight #WWEOntario
It’s those acts of kindness that we are forgetting to do for each other. From giving some change to… taking a group of homeless people out to dinner… It all matters to someone. Even if it’s just one person. In conclusion… Please don’t forget the meaning of the word compassion. Spread love.
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