Which WWE Superstars will be returning in 2016?

WWE Superstars

This past year, a few WWE superstars have suffered from injury like Seth Rollins and Randy Orton.  Others have been gone for awhile or are on vacation, like John Cena.  At the moment, that leaves Roman Reigns as the curently-popular star on Raw.

It is no secret that the WWE company has been having some issues this past year.  With the returning stars, the company is hoping to strengthen their brand in 2016.

You don’t want to miss finding out who is in the number one spot in returning.  So, in decreasing order, we start with ten.

10 – Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn is the former NXT champion.  On May 4, 2015, Zayn experienced an injury requiring surgery when he threw his arms up in the air.  He received the injury from Kevin Owens, the current Intercontinental Champion.  There’s plenty of unfinished business between the rivals.

Zayn still worked the subsequent match with his injury, but it has kept him out of the game since.  Now he’s expected to return early 2016, whether as a full-time member for WWE or as a part of NXT is still unclear.

9 – Ricardo Rodriguez

A ring announcer and wrestler, Ricardo Rodriguez has been in the game for awhile.  However, he left WWE company when Alberto Del Rio turned heel in 2013.  Rodriguez was Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer.  He spent many years by Del Rio’s side which gave both their faces in the WWE Championships.

Now, Del Rio is back in the game also.  He was given an offer he couldn’t refuse and returned with his new manager, Zeb Colter.  However, Colter cannot match Rodriguez’s levels when Del Rio and Rodriguez were partners.  There’s a possibility that WWE will rehire Rodriguez, and somehow Del Rio and Rodriguez will form a team again.

8 – Randy Orton

A freak accident put Randy Orton out of the game.  Reports said he dislocated his shoulder while taking out the trash at home, causing him to be out for about four to six months.  When Orton returns, which is said to be after WrestleMania, he will most likely invest in the role of a heel as it plays well with his strengths.  As a heel, Orton will be able to be the bad guy on his own, with no help from Authority, Legacy, or Evolution, and possibly lead himself into a feud with some babyfaces.

7 – Sting
During the Night of Champions, Sting experienced a serious neck injury near the end of the bout.  It was thought that Sting might be out of a career from the injury.  However, 56-year-old superstar is expected to possibly return to action in 2016.  Reports say his injury may not be as bad as it was initially thought.  However, it is not clear if Sting will be ready for WrestleMania, though there is hope for SummerSlam.
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