WWE WrestleMania 32 Recap

WWE WrestleMania

WWE WrestleMania, live in Dallas, Texas. We have finally arrived at the most anticipated pay-per-view of the year. So much has happened how about let’s start from the beginning.

The Miz vs Kevin Owens vs Stardust vs Sami Zayne vs Sin Cara vs Zach Ryder vs Dolph Ziggler in a ladder match for the intercontinental championship. This match surprised the hell out of me but also kind of let me down. The match started as everybody leaves Kevin Owens in the ring while everybody else gets out to get a ladder and who gets in the ring first? None other than Sami Zayne. Owens and Zayne are face to face for the first time and they go at it. Zayne takes control and throws Owens out of the ring. At some point, each of these superstars had control of the match. At one point Dolph Ziggler superkicks everyone and was on his way to the belt. Stardust had his own black ladder with yellow circles on it, but that didn’t help him one bit. At the close of the match while everybody knocked out of the ring Zach Ryder slides into the ring climbs the ladder grabs the belt and becomes the new WWE intercontinental champion.

AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho. So now that Y2AJ is no longer because Jericho is a Y2Jackass these two are finally ready to fight one on one. You think this being WestleMania they would have some kind of special match, but no just the regular plain Jane match up. Jericho is one of those bad guys that actually can back up his shit talking as he shows in this match in which he just beats AJ down. Don’t get me wrong. AJ put up a fight, but Jericho puts him in two separate walls of Jericho, in which is kind of lame. I don’t know if my readers remember, but the walls of Jericho used to be a lot more vicious. I mean just go look at an old Jericho match when it was the WWF you’ll see what I mean. This match comes to a close as AJ leaps from the top ropes. Jericho reverses mid-air and lands a code breaker and gets the three count for the win.

The New Day vs The League of Nations. So, there’s a giant box of Booty-O’s on the entrance ramp. The box falls over and out steps The New Day and funny enough they are wearing Dragonball Z outfits. These guys are lame! What is the deal with these 3 person tag team championship matches? There’s a reason there’s only two belts. The power of The League of Nations just dominates The New Day. The New Day gave it there all, but there’s only so much you can do when your out skilled. Their theatrics had to come to an end. They held the tag team championships for way too long. When the match comes to a close Sheamus hits Woods with the Brogue kick and picks up the three count. After the match King Barret and the rest of The League of Nations are in the ring and King Barret says that there isn’t a unit stronger and more dangerous than any other group. All of a sudden Shaun Micheals comes out, as well as Mick Foley, and then Stone Cold comes out and they start heading to the ring. As they get in the ring The New Day pulls out Barret as the three powerhouses tear into The League of Nations. Mick Foley pulls out Mr. Socko and gives Sheamus the Mandible claw. Shaun Micheals Superkicks Del Rio, and then Stone Cold Stuns Rusev as he bounces outside the ring. The New Day then throws Barret back into the ring as he gets the mandible claw, then a super kick, and then he gets a Stone Cold Stunner. WWE WrestleManiaThe New Day gets back in the ring and they start to try to get Foley, Micheals, and Austin. Foley and Micheals start dancing as Stone Cold just kind of looks at Woods and as he seems to be getting into it. Woods spins around and boom Stone Cold stuns Woods as his music comes on and he starts getting beer from the crowd and does the four corners cheers. Hell yeah, that’s some epic WrestleMania flavor!

Brock Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose no holds barred street fight. Lesnar starts this match with a bang sending Dean Ambrose to suplex city three times in the first minute. He ends up hitting him with 9 suplexes during the match. Dean Ambrose took a beating this match. I guess he thought being able to use weapons he would be able to control the beast, but that didn’t work out too well. Between kendo sticks, chairs, monitors, Ambrose just couldn’t keep the beast down. With 5 chairs in the ring, Lesnar picks Ambrose up for the F5 and hits it right in the top of the chairs and gets the three count for the win. I was confused by this match there’s just no way Dean Ambrose went out that easily with he hell and the pain he’s been through with some of his other matches. Maybe he just doesn’t have it in him anymore.

WWE WrestleManiaCharlotte vs Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks. This match is for the new WWE women’s championship belt. This is by far one of the best women’s matches I have ever seen. All three competitors gave it their all. So many great submissions executed during this match the figure 4 and 8, the sharpshooter, and the bank statement. Charlotte executed the most beautiful moonsault onto Lynch and Banks outside of the ring. When I say it was epic, just believe me it was amazing. For such a great match the ending was disappointing. Charlotte gets Lynch in the figure 8 and as Sasha slides in to break it up Ric Flair grabs her leg and Becky Lynch taps out giving Charlotte the win.

WWE WrestlemaniaThe Undertaker vs Shane McMahon. Hell in a cell. Shane fights for control over WWE Monday Night RAW and The Undertaker is fighting to keep fighting at WrestleMania. This match was insane! You know there’s always that one guy during the hell in a cell that tends to go to the top of the cell and jump off. Well, this match it was Shane and what a fail it was! He gets The Undertaker stunned and lays him on the announcer table. Now, it takes a good minute or two to climb up this cell and we all know The Undertaker’s history. He doesn’t stay down long. So, Shane gets up there and lays there for a second, then gets up swallows hard and jumps off with a flying elbow. Well, that didn’t go as planned. The Undertaker just rolls out and boom Shane goes through the announcer table. Game over! Shane is done. The match ends with The Undertaker dragging him in the ring, hits him with the tombstone a,nd gets the three count for the win.


WrestleMania: Shane McMahon leaps from Hell in a Cell’s roofHERE COMES THE MONEY from the TOP of HELL IN A CELL!!! #WrestleMania

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WWE WrestleMania


Andre the Giant memorial battle royal included Shaquille O’ Neil, Baron Corbin, The Social Outcast, Goldust, The Big Show, Kane, Fandango, Damien Sandow, Konnor, R-Truth, Mark Henry, and DDP. Shaquille and DDP that’s fresh! The winner of last year’s match The Big Show was taken out fairly early. The match ended quite quickly after Kane takes out Bo Dallas and Darren Young. Baron throws Kane over the ropes for the win.

WWE WrestleManiaAnother legend returns as the Rock comes out with a flame thrower with the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. The Rock talks about how it’s an honor to be back at WrestleMania 32 and this WrestleMania has a record attendance of 101,763. The Wyatt family interrupts the Rock coming out and Bray said he chose the Rock because he’s the people’s champ. He says it’s not the Rock’s moment, it’s Brays moment. The Rock gets pissed and just starts making fun of the Wyatt family saying Bray is the master of hot pockets. He said Rowans parents are related and that Strowman has been breastfed since he was 26. The Rock is ready to whoop someone’s ass. So, they make a match, The Rock vs Eric Rowan and the Wyatt family. Right out of the gate The Rock bottoms Rowan and wins in record time 6 seconds. The Wyatts corner The Rock as John Cena comes running down the ramp. He hits Rowan with a side slam, 5 knuckle shuffle, and an attitude adjustment. Cena sends Bray to the Rock as the Rock hits him with a spine buster then the people’s elbow.

WWE WrestleManiaThe main event Triple H vs Roman Reigns. This match is for the WWE heavyweight championship. The Game finally has to face Roman Reigns face to face. Tempers are flying high when these two enter the ring. Every blow landed was a step closer to the WWE championship. These two battle it out until Triple H kept trying to get disqualified. He pulls out his sledgehammer and just tries to take any title hope from Reigns. The match ended with Reigns dodging the sledgehammer for his life and for hope he can become WWE champion here at WrestleMania. Reigns dodges the hammer multiple times. As Reigns counters the last one with a Spear as he gets the 3 count for the win and Roman Reigns is the new WWE Heavyweight Champion. Thank you for reading this review by your favorite ninja, The Everyday Ninja.

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