X-Files 2016 – Will There Be More To Come?

X-Files are coming back, friends. If your like me – you grew up with Mulder and Scully guiding you to the answers of the questions of the universe from the safety (or not so safe) of your living room T.V. Once noted for being the longest running science fiction series on television history – The X Files nuzzled their way into our hearts with ease. The world was ready to question – to think and hypothesis and philosophise. Are we ready to do it again?

2016 will bring with it a six episode television event, where The X-Files will be resurrected from the cluttered tables of faded stars. If you aren’t excited – we can’t be friends. I’m sorry, that’s the way it works.

There has been a lot of buzz going on around the interwebs, speculation and rumors. The question that seems to be on everyone’s mind is – will The X-Files find once again a permanent spot in our weekly television regimen?

According to Michael Auseillo who took it directly from X-Files creator Chris Carter – there is no confirmation that there will be anything X-Files related to submerge in our weekly boob-tube sesh after the coming mini-series. More than a lack of confirmation – there is a lack of denail. Auseillo notes that Carters demeanor and political way of responding to questions concerning a new spin off – suggest that there is enough potential in that lack of denial to allow a spark of hope to ignite. 

We would love to see The X-Files make its’ way into the hearts of this young generation. It is a generation who has found itself in the midst of a need for re-examination. From the top, to the bottom and through the black hole and down the windy roads of the singularity – The X Files original series served as more than just a form of entertainment – it opened people’s eyes to a lot of things.

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