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Yelawolf Before They Were Famous Episode Watch Now!

Michael McCrudden, host of Before They Were Famous, aired, per fans’ request, a Yelawolf episode. We all know about Yelawolf’s hit album Love Story and his signing to Shady and Interscope records. Now you can get educated about how he got there. Watch and learn about Yelawolf before his skin got permanently marked from head to toe, before he became Eminem’s protégé, and before he engaged Fefe Dobson. In the Yelawolf episode of Before They Were Famous we learn all about his upbringing and rise to fame.

Yelawolf Before They Were Famous Episode

Yelawolf was the child of a teenager mother who spent his youth moving around the southern states. While growing up in Tennessee, he attending school in the projects where he was first introduced to rap and hip hop. From there him and his mother would travel to California and it was there he took an interest in skateboarding, and later they would move to Alaska where he would find work on a commercial fishing boat, for a short time he was even homeless. But once he moved to Alabama, rap became his main focus. Working with Ghet-O-Vision, Yela was able to drop Creekwater, which gained him the attention of Columbia records. But he was dropped from the label almost as quickly as he was signed. With almost a whole album unreleased Yelawolf began to drop the songs as mixtapes, including Trunk Muzik. The mix was an overnight success.

If you would like to request a rapper or really anyone, as he films Before They Were Famous episodes for more than just rappers, then you can head over to his youtube channel and request his next famous person. He covers everyone from comedians to porn starts to youtubers. He even has a Before They Were Dead and an After They Were Famous series. 

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