Yelawolf’s Mini Documentary for Song “The Boy Who cried Wolf”



If you missed it, you should check out DJ Ill Will of HotNewHipHop’s article called, “Behold Yelawolf ‘The Boy Who cried Wolf (Mini Documentary)’ Video.”

If you have not seen the video on their article, you should.  The hyperlink above will take you to the article with the video.

Yelawolf, a 35 year old man whose real name is Michael Wayne Atha, is a hip hop artist from Alabama.  He’s been in the music business for many, many years, and is currently signed to Shady Records and Interscope Records.

The video begins with Yelawolf at the University of California’s People’s Park.  He’s talking about those that were homeless and poor that would come to get food, and how they lived their life.  He gets real for the first few minutes of the documentary when he talks about how these people were once neighbors and a part of everyone’s companies.

Be sure to also check out his profile pages on Facebook and Twitter.  Also, here’s the hyperlink to his website.

Also, check out HotNewHipHop’s youtube page for the latest videos.






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