Yelawolf Sells Out New Zealand In 30 Minutes

Yelawolf Sells Out New Zealand In 30 MinutesYelawolf

Yelawolf is apparently really popular down in New Zealand.  Tickets recently went on sale for a December 4th show in Auckland, New Zealand.  They were not on sale long as the show sold out in 30 minutes.  This will be Yelawolf’s first ever show in New Zealand.  After a social media outcry, promoters worked with Yelawolf’s team and have added a second show.  Sort of.  The added show will be before the originally scheduled show.  Fans hoping to be able to witness his first ever show kinda got the shaft in that deal.  However it sounds like a majority of the fans will be happy as more tickets will now be made available.

Yelawolf released his latest album, Love Story on April 21 2015 via Shady Records.  The album debuted at number 3 on the Billboard charts after selling 51,000 copies in it’s first week.  This album marks Yelawolf’s first Top 10 album in the Billboard Top 200 charts.  It also hit number one on the Billboard Rap chart. The album has only one feature on it.  Executive producer Eminem appears as seen below on the track Best Friend.  Yelawolf is currently on the road in Europe.  He will return to North America briefly before heading back out to Europe again.  To find out if he’s coming to your area click HERE to see his current tour dates.




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