Yelawolf in Best Friend music video

Shortly after doing an interview with ESPN which lead to Yelawolf admitting to be an alcoholic, he did a phone call interview with HipHopDX.  In it he talks mainly talks about Love Story, his follow up to Radioactive, which was his Shady Records debut.  He does talk about his love for Chevy’s and how it inspired the song Box Chevy

Chevrolets are just what I grew up on. We’re talking generations. Both my great- grandparents drove Chevrolets and my grandfather worked at Goodyear for almost 30 years maybe. Chevrolets were apart of my family’s lifestyle. My family reunions were like Chevy fucking conventions. Everyone was driving Chevys. You know there are Ford families too. In the south, especially small towns, the culture usually is you picking the greater or lesser of two evils with everything. You like this team or that team, you like this school or that school, you like Fords or Chevys. My family went with Chevys.

He talks about Johnny Cash being an inspiration as well.

Favorite song, probably “Hurt.” My favorite album? At Folsom Prison. That’s like my favorite but that last album he did with Rick Rubin is beautiful. “Hurt” that cover was crazy. Plus the video. Man that’s a tear jerker man. “Hurt” the way he delivered it became his story. All the things you obtain and the things you acquire as an artist really don’t mean shit in the end. That’s what I connect with. I’m not worried about the glimmer, glam and shit.

I have to disagree with the Hurt video.  He completely took Trent Rezner’s song and made it his own.  When I first saw that video, it did bring me to tears, and still does when I go back and watch it from time to time.  To check out the rest of the Yelawolf interview with HipHopDx click HERE!