Scrub Care Unit and the Yellow Brick Alleyway

True Juggalo FamilyAs we have announced True Juggalo Family is now an Official Affiliate of  Scrub Care Unit! We will be in full force helping the ninja’s in need not only at the gathering but will be helping as much as possible anywhere and everywhere! So we have started this campaign to help raise money to allow for Scrub Care Unit and True Juggalo Family to purchase the supplies to be sure everyone has all the essentials they need! This is just the beginning though we will be working hard to create more opportunities aScrub Care Unitnd donation drives all over the country so keep a look out!

In other news..A Yellow Brick Alleyway you say? With the announcement of the “Wizard of the Hood” set at the Gathering of the Juggalo’s this year our fearless leader Menace came to the team with an idea. What if we could line the paths to the stage with a Yellow Brick Alleyway?  So, the team came together we all thought it was a great idea so here we are and we need the Fam’s help.


Here’s the details: For a $20 donation you can get custom designed T-shirt created by one of our kick ass team members to rep at the Wizard of the Hood Set and let the Fam know because of you, we have a dope ass alleyway to stroll down to what will be one of the most epic sets of the Gathering! But more importantly it also shows your support for Scrub Care Unit and all the good they do for the community! Be part of something bigger then TJF could even imagine or do alone and make Gathering 17  just that much more amazing!

Head over to our Viralstyle page and check it out. If  you support let everyone know. Like, Share, Tweet, Gram and snap it! Spread the word! Here’s all the info you need!

Take ya ass down the yellow brick road motherfucker, Take ya ass down the yellow brick alleyway.