Young Wicked Slaughter Review



Young Wicked, formerly known as Otis of Axe Murder Boyz has dropped his first solo album with Psychopathic Records.  Slaughter, released on September 4th, clocks in at 56 minutes, just short of an hour.  If I were to sum up Slaughter in one sentence it would be this: “Slaughter brings the wicked and real life shit”.  It’s got it’s wicked in tracks like title track Slaughter.  Young Wicked talks about his battle with alcoholism in ‘Drinkin’ On My Fiff‘.  Dope feat. Jelly Roll, and All Night feat. AMB and Bones Dubb aren’t to be ignored either.

I admit that after hearing the sampler I kind of lowered my expectations of this album a bit, but after listening to it a few times I was impressed.  It wasn’t the best album I’ve heard all year, nor was it anything close to being the worst.  If you like a wide variety of music like I do, 2015 is turning out to be a great year for music, and Slaughter adds to that.