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At the end of A Clockwork Grey the Juggalos heard a teenie, tiny taste of Zodiac Mprint with “E.O.D.”, (Evolve or Die). That was almost ten years ago! Now Majik Ninja Entertainment has brought us the EP Ride the Stars. The blue version is produced by Seven and the green version produced by The R.O.C. The blue version will be reviewed in this article.

I love how the introduction to the EP is that exact introduction from the taste that was given years ago. It takes me back to cruising to, “The Crypt Keeper”, “Blaze Up”, “Ill Connect”…..and just that entire album which in my eyes was pure gangster genius! Remembering the moment I heard that interstellar sound come through the speakers I was hooked and couldn’t wait to hear more, but we had to. As soon as that pre-order became available I made sure I would be on that list!

“Into the Cosmos” actually gives me a little bit of a Tech N9ne vibe. Taking us out of the comfort zone which is Earth and into the astral plane. The R.O.C.s soothing rhyme gave me comfort to close my eyes and project my spirit into the lyrics. Then Blaze brings it back to the reality of humanity. “Ride the Stars” makes me feel like I’m having an (O.O.B.E) Out of Body Experience as well. If they were to make a music video out of this song it would be badass since there’s plenty of scenarios to work with. “Keep it Jumpin'” does just that, makes me want to get up and party. I can’t wait to hear them perform this song live and get down with the crew at the show! “Beware of the Wolf” comes with an eerie vibe and Blaze’s tongue as a weapon. Now you don’t want to stand too close to Zodiac Mprint because they rock that wicked and they’ll disappear your whole family! I love the way The R.O.C.’s voice brings that calming feeling in “Don’t Stand So Close”. And last but not least there has got to be a song for the Lettes and Ninjettes! “What’s yo Sign?” speaks the truth on love straight from the Zodiac. It is the perfect way to ride out into the stars.

All in all this album is a great way to introduce the group and what they’re about. I still feel like I need more! But I guess that’s the point?

Zodiac Mprint

“Ride the Stars”

1.Nova 2.Into the Cosmos 3.Ride the Stars 4.Keep it Jumpin’ 5.Beware of the Wolf 6.Don’t Stand So Close 7.What’s yo Sign?


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