Zodiac Mprint “Ride The Stars” Pre-Order Bundles Available

Zodiac Mprint, Ride The Stars

A huge and unexpected bomb was dropped today, containing the news that Zodiac Mprint is back!!! After years of waiting, Blaze Ya Dead Homie and The R.O.C. have reunited in a group of their own to split wigs with brand new, super fresh flavor. Which, of course, only further proves the notion that 2016 is the “Year Of The Ninjas”. So, how could juggalos possibly celebrate such an awesome development? Well, a set of pre-order bundles certainly does the trick! Thanks to the always-reliable Twiztid Shop, three bundle options are available for the upcoming EP, Ride The Stars. Check it out…

Zodiac Mprint

Zodiac Mprint “Ride The Stars” EP


Zodiac Mprint

Zodiac Mprint Pre-Order Bundle 2


Zodiac Mprint

Zodiac Mprint Pre-Order Poster Bundle 3


Snag a pre-order bundle or two from Twiztid Shop today and get ready for the devastation on May 20th!!!

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