Zombiie 3’s New Tracklist!


The new track list is here!!  “Zombiie 3” will be available for purchase this coming October 31st.


On twitter, sightings of “Zombiie 3” albums have been going around.  These copies have an alternate “Z3” cover and are rare.  They’re a collectors item from Spaide Ripper and they do not come with a track list because they’re not an official store copy yet.

However, here’s the track list:


  1. Voices
  2. Angels Playing Harps ft Aqualeo
  3. Lose it ft Cognito, Nesto the Owner
  4. Accelerator ft Stevie Stone, Frizz
  5. Smoke & Mirrors
  6. Out yo Demension
  7. Take Flight at Night
  8. Put it Down on U ft !Mayday!
  9. Sippin ft Yung La
  10. Somebody Bout to Get it ft Marcus Yates, Liquid Assassin, Flawless
  11. Crucifix ft C-mob, Trizz


Do not forget to get your copy as soon as they hit the stores!