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Our verified Facebook status gives us an edge on social promotions in an otherwise hard to reach demographic. Verified Facebook pages are unlike other social media in the fact that page owners cannot request verification on their own. Typically, Facebook chooses pages to verify (to the best of our understanding) based largely on data they acquire from a given page. One of the main purposes of the Facebook selection process and complex selection algorithms is to keep FB secure.  These security measures, in addition to many other factors, are what make Facebook Verification one of the hardest to receive in the social world we’re all addicted to. In comparison to non-verified accounts, our account will ensure a few things (that we know of): posts and status updates appear in fans’ timelines more often, TJF’s Fanpage will be suggested as potential “People To Subscribe” more frequently, and a few other benefits that help Facebook provide relevant content to its members.  Simply put, our large number of fans and extra love from Facebook keep us fresher than most and we’re damn proud to have earned it! 100% of our staff are Juggalos and we keep our content fresh and relevant to the community. Promotions on Facebook will soon be available to the public and we’re all about helping others get discovered. If you need help boosting your social presence, please feel free to contact us to discuss a policy that fits your needs best.

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Our staff is comprised of Juggalos who love the Family just as much as many of our readers love it. We take great pride in not falling into any traditional blog/media/news classifications or categories and instead, prefer to do our own thing with Family-minded entertainment… some things we post appeal to all Juggalos, some stuff appeals to only a few of us.

Morning Freshness, Lo/Lette of the Day, Showcase Saturdays, Gamers’ Nights, FREE/FUN Contests, TJF After Dark, and much more TJF-exclusive content is just part of what makes us different than everyone else…  We take pride in doing things different.

A GREAT BIG Thank You to everyone who is a part of our family.  TJF wouldn’t be possible without y’all.


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Highly-skilled, professional photographers from around the country comprise the TJF photography crew.



Reviewing everything  from album releases and video games to wrestling and shows.  Feel free to contact us to submit content for review.

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Every writer on staff are long-standing fans of underground music and concert enthusiasts.  It’s our passion to professionally cover these events.


Our promotional team has a proven track record with success on every social network and musical platform in the industry.

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